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The AsiaSecWest conference like all the SecWest conferences focuses on emerging and important information security research in all areas of internet, computing, communication and information processing.

We look for presentations that outline new threats and attacks,and information to let defenders mitigate attacks and improve countermeasures to unauthorized access, modification and misuse of computer based information, software, applications and systems. The conference focus is on all areas of applications, mobile phones, laptops, desktops, servers, network equipment, cloud deployments, and the full spectrum of infosec vulnerabilities and mitigation strategies with particular emphasis on new material and research that hasn’t been seen before. The topic array is intentionally selected to be broad, to give attendees an overview of the state of the art in infosec as well as an opportunity to explore new facets of the field they may not have considered. We aim to expand your intellect and improve your, and your company’s, security posture through technological advancement, and eagerly look for presentations that work towards this goal.

The material must be educational in nature, and vendor product pitches are usually not ranked highly or often selected. You may mention your or your company’s products, but usually this is best in the context of other informative research for our audiences, which typically consists of experienced practitioners looking to stay abreast of recent technological developments. Sales pitches or marketing decks are frowned upon, and usually product mentions or inclusions should contain significant new innovation and explanations of the technology behind it to maintain the interest level of the very technical audience - we’ve seen many a sales pitch attempted to be sneaked in only to get shredded in front of the very savvy and occasionally cynical crowd if they’re unprepared. Expect an interesting audience, with almost as much technical acumen as the folks on stage - interesting folks that make up an interactive environment to lead to synergistic discussion and collaboration is what we strive for. 

Selected speakers will have their travel costs and complementary registration covered by the conference (within reason).

Процес Рассмотрения Презентаций

Из презентаций должны быть удалены имена и любая личная информация до её подачи на рассмотрение. После просмотра всех поданных презентаций будут отобраны финалисты и сформированы списки докладчиков. Мы свяжемся с выбранными докладчиками для подтверждения участия и уточнения деталей.

Комиссия По Рассмотрению

Комиссия AsiaSecWest состоит из нескольки десятков ветеранов индустрии которые представляют различные сектора. Оценка потенциальных докладов базируется на их опыте. Приоритет отдается  новому, инновационному материалу, который не был нигде представлен ранее, в сфере информационной безопасности, атаках и методах защиты. Рейтинг определяется 
на основе важности и масштабности представленного материала, отдавая предпочтение тем проблемам и решениям которые оказывают наиболее сильное влияние и эффект на важные части интернета или другие сферы коммуникации.

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