AsiaSecWest Dojo Courses (June 4/5)

This is university-level information security training for practitioners who already have substantial knowledge and wish to broaden their boundaries. It goes beyond introductory-level material, to focus on and delve more deeply into technical subjects that aren't addressed in other currently available training. These multi-day, hands-on training sessions are taught by renowned industry experts, pre-eminent in their fields.

Target Attack Analysis - Anthony Lai


Dojo Methodology

Our course format is oriented towards maximum information transfer and learning retention.

Teaching Method                       Knowledge Retention

See/Hear - Lecture                      5%

Reading                                        10%

Audio Visual / Video                    20%

Demonstration                             30%

Discussion Group                        50%

Practice by Doing                       75%

Teaching Others                          90%

Immediate application of          90%
learning in a real situation